Below the Line: Cidalia’s Story

Many congratulations to the Wildrun team on winning the 2015 Canadian Labour Media Award for best short video and “best short film” at the 2015 London (UK) Labour Film Festival.

“Below the Line: Cidalia’s Story” poignantly showcases the story of Cidalia, a homecare personal support worker.

Under the direction of Suzanne Gallant, the Wildrun team worked closely with Cidalia to show a day in the life of one underpaid, undervalued worker, highlighting the enormous struggle that all PSWs face.

Put best by Suzanne,

It’s easy for politicians and activists alike to keep repeating the mantra of “frontline workers” and “poverty-level wages,” without knowing what it actually means to fall behind on bills while working hard all day to keep people well and functioning at home. The personal support worker story is about the women and men who choose to make a living caring for others, but who are undervalued for the essential role they play in the healthcare system — in turn receiving little care for themselves.

Our clients often tell us that working with Suzanne’s team has been a pleasure — she brings creativity and enthusiasm to each project.

Kudos, Suzanne!


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