Campaign Gears at the People's Social Forum

Campaign Gears had the pleasure to attend the 2014 Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa and organize a day of workshops on Digital Movement Building.

Before the day of workshops got started, though, our President, Ethan Clarke was invited to speak on CBC radio about digital movements. Listen here:

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For our day of workshops we were joined by:

The workshops covered:

  • Digital Campaigns for small organizations
  • Digital Campaigns for medium organizations
  • Campaign Videos in Your Hand
  • Social Media Helps us Build Movements That Are Swiftly Destroyed
  • Intro to NationBuilder

You can watch videos of some of our sessions here:

Our slides for the Digital Campaigning workshops are available here.

Andreas (Res) Krebs is video producer and strategist at Wildrun Productions and he presented the Campaign Videos in Your Hand session

He specializes in using emotional narrative to drive campaigns. Wildrun Productions also provides training for organizations to produce their own campaign videos using the technology available in smartphones and tablets. For more information on the session, and to receive a tip sheet for shooting video, please email Andreas Krebs.


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