CUPE Saskatchewan Stop the Cuts Campaign

The Campaign Gears team are experts in many tools, platforms and training systems that combined create a successful campaign. CUPE Saskatchewan came to Campaign Gears looking for help to push back against a plan by the Provincial Government to amalgamate the 12 health care regions into one healthcare system. A move which could cause layoffs, strife between unions, and poorer health service for the people of Saskatchewan.

CUPE is one of three unions operating in the healthcare sector in the province that would potentially face cuts under the new system. As such, CUPE needed to mobilize their membership. Not just to stop the government efforts, but to strengthen their membership in the event of cuts. With help from Campaign Gears, the Councils began to use a data tracking system to better mobilize their members to “Stop the Cuts” as the campaign later came to be called. This data system helped track progress as the council’s member organizers spoke with each member individually.

For many member leaders, this was the first time they had done this type of work. Campaign Gears’ experienced campaigners were engaged to provide training and advice on not only how to use digital systems but also on the use of a path of engagement, the steps of a member to member conversation, and how to assess a member’s support for the union.

Campaign Gears developed a video, and coordinating ad buy to spread the word about the government’s plans to slash and burn the public service. The Campaign Gears team has a wide range of expertise to help a campaign win, and we're here as a resource as your campaign evolves, we evolve your strategy to fit your needs. Here is what the project consisted of:

Stop the Cuts Video: Campaign Gears developed, filmed and edited a video for the campaign and a coordinating digital media ad plan. The video was later selected for the Best Campaign Video by the Canadian Association of Labour Media

Website: Campaign Gears developed an organization website for CUPE Saskatchewan that increased mobilization.

Training Module: Campaign Gears travelled to train the CUPE Saskatchewan team and developed role-play scenarios and scripts for members.