David Parkins, Cartoonist & Animator

David originates from Great Britain where he began his illustration career. He arrived in Canada in 2006, cartoonist supplies in tow, and ever since his political cartoons have been featured in The Guardian (UK) and The Toronto Star.

He is currently featured in The Globe and Mail three times a week. It’s obvious that he brings a special perspective to current events and politics to all his projects.

David’s career as a professional illustrator has spanned over three decades. He has illustrated hundreds of books ranging from children’s books to educational textbooks. His editorial illustrations graced the covers of magazines such as; The Economist, Nature and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Campaign Gears creative and campaign team have worked with David to create animated shorts, still ads, animated GIFs, and full-length campaign videos.

You may recognize his work from his most recent projects with the Alberta Federation of Labour. He animated the Alberta-famous “Look in the Mirror” video for the award winning Better Way Alberta campaign. His illustrations and animated GIFs are also the driving force behind the AFL’s 15 is Fair campaign.


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