Public Interest Alberta - Revenue Reno Campaign

Alberta’s Provincial Government has quite the funding predicament on their hands. With oil prices hitting rock bottom the current government is faced with a revenue shortfall and mounting pressure to balance the books at the expense of public services. In an effort to stop the bleed-out of the public service, Public Interest Alberta retained Campaign Gears to get the public on board with a plan to increase taxes instead of cutting services.

Public Interest Alberta needed creative messaging to be able to keep make this argument. The Campaign Gears team is no stranger to originality when it comes to campaigns, but we want to make sure that our decisions are backed by data. We’re looking for what changes the minds of the public not just what we like. The team brainstormed five different metaphors to explain how the proposed cuts to the public service would impact the province and designed cartoon style examples to test. We took a poll of 600 people; a representative sample and determined that the crumbling house metaphor changed minds the most successfully.

From there the script and storyboard for an animated video were fleshed out. While the video was being drawn, the team used the characters and design to develop a website specific for the campaign. Knowing that this issue would be raised again, likely during the next election, Campaign Gears had the foresight to design a site and ad campaign that would collect data for future use. With little time to spare before the budget came due, Campaign Gears recommended Public Interest Alberta invest their ad budget on social media, so the campaign could retain contact information for supporters for future use.

Campaign Gears firmly believes that the best time to build up a campaign is before you need one. Public Interest Alberta’s initiative here, ensured they are well prepared for the upcoming election, and that they have the human-power in place to call issues into question no matter what time of year.