The Harper Government sent a clear message to public sector unions that they were no longer imune to the attacks that right wing parties have been waging for decades. PIPSC decided that they must build up their membership to strengthen the labour movement. PIPSC was aware of the advances made in campaign technology in recent years but was unclear on the best plan for moving the union into this new space. Campaign Gears performed a needs assessment, which reviewed PIPSC’s current databases, communications capabilities and staffing levels. We were able to deduce the comprehensive needs of PIPSC and plot a strategic plan forward.

Our work showed that the best platform to manage PIPSC’s campaign needs with their current staffing levels was NationBuilder. After exploring the campaign plan to build, implement and train on the NationBuilder platform, PIPSC moved forward with the recommendations. Our team began working on building out a custom data solution for PIPSC, which included manual checkpoints of data exchanged between NationBuilder and their current systems. Once it was built, we trained the staff to manage the system on their own.

Additionally, Campaign Gears developed a robust action website to engage members. A first use of this site was in response to the Pheonix payroll issues, to contact members to email their MPs regarding any payroll processing issues they had. This page used the New/Mode toolset.

The key to success of the PIPSC project was the training element. The PIPSC staff continue to operate the NationBuilder system on their own and we continue to work with them as needed.

Campaign Gears is here to fully plan and execute your campaign, but sometimes you need to be able to do it yourself. Our team is part of the movement and we firmly believe that training your team to operate on their own is key to your success.

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