Suzanne Gallant, Director & Producer

Suzanne is Campaign Gears go to video producer and director. She is an award-winning filmmaker who uses her academic training in the politics of emotion to craft inspirational narratives that move audiences to take action.

Not only can she direct all manner of campaign videos (from large crowds, to interviews, to animation) she does it with grace and style, making everyone involved want to jump at the chance to work with her again.

With a PhD in Political Science she brings a unique perspective to her writing and editing work. Together with Ethan, Suzanne takes the headache away from video production ensuring video production is taken care of from start to finish — and on campaign time.

By working closely with Campaign Gears clients, Suzanne ensures they have the striking, visual campaigns. The Alberta Federation of Labour’s Better Way Alberta campaign, which featured her video “Look in the mirror, Jim!,” as well as SEIU’s “Cidalia’s Story,” have won Canadian Association of Labour awards.

Suzanne currently serves as the Ontario Director of the Canadian Freelancers Union.


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