Workers Action Centre $15 and Fairness Campaign

The Workers Action Center came to Campaign Gears with a lot of challenges in the middle of their Fight for $15 and Fairness Campaign. Having just won the promise of a $15 minimum wage, they feared the upcoming provincial election would put it in jeopardy. The campaign needed to grow to protect the win from a potential change in government but also to ensure the other demands of the campaign be met. They wanted to make good on their namesake promise AND FAIRNESS and continue the fight to win improvements in other parts of the labour law in addition to the minimum wage increase.

The Workers Action Center leadership had heard about Nationbuilder. They knew the campaign needed a central database to keep the campaign going, had capable staff that needed training, and wanted a holistic approach to grow their movement. The Campaign Gears team helped them bring digital organizing into the campaign. This included evaluating all of the many options, building and launching a Nationbuilder website and organizing database for the campaign, training for the team to maintain it, and providing regular support to ensure the transition to these new tools was successful. Take a look at what our team developed:

Website: Campaign Gears developed a organization website for the Workers Action Center $15 and Fairness campaign that drove up engagement.

Organizing Database: 16 geolocated organizers to grow the campaign base using the recruiter ID function of Nationbuilder to track their success.

New/Mode: Workers Action Center launched a micro-campaign to swiftly respond to the actions taken by Tim Horton’s earlier this year to cut worker’s hours. Using New/Mode they sent over 5,000 emails to the company to demand they take action.

Training Module: Campaign Gears trained the Workers Action Center team and continue to provide online training modules to help use the Nationbuilder database as technology improvements are made.

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